Monday, May 28, 2012

The Joys of the New SUV Cars

Owning an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) used to be a dream that many car buyers would not dare allow themselves to have. Now this type of vehicle is offered in a much wider array of styles, and prices have become much more affordable. Though still a significant financial decision, full size or compact SUVs are now the vehicles of choice for many in the new and used car market.

It is hard to beat the extra room an SUV affords to families. A family of five can fit easily and comfortably inside most SUVs. In fact, some models have the ability to carry up to eight passengers and three to four child seats. This kind of ample room means a lot to the mother or father who find that they have pick-up duty after soccer practice or band camp. Though SUVs are much more sporty than minivans, they have the same appeal with passenger and cargo space. Drivers who frequently run errands with kids and pets find SUVs invaluable. Large loads of groceries, gifts, sports equipment, or tools can be hauled around with ease, and it is nice to discover all of those extra nooks and crannies that SUVs feature to hold additional gear or supplies.

Once the family has completed the week's groceries runs, SUVs are the choice for some serious off-roading fun. This flexibility that many models of SUVs offer is yet another reason to think about owning one. It is absolutely no problem to drive straight from the smooth pavement right onto the beach or muddy mountain path. Adventure is just a left or right turn away, so if a family made up of adventure seekers or outdoor explorers, such a vehicle is worth consideration.

If a family is the type that loves to travel on long road trips, an SUV is a fine choice. Most models have the horsepower and performance required to handle thousands of miles on the road. Additionally, the safety record of SUVs is impressive. Since they are larger and heavier than many other types of vehicles, SUVs typically fare much better in accidents. The higher seating position offers a much better view of surroundings and other traffic. When one adds the fact that SUVs are usually capable of handling inclement weather much better than other new car models, it is clear why their safety record is quite stellar on the whole.

One would have to go very far to find a vehicle that could appeal to the entire family like an SUV can. Mothers tend to love what they can offer a family; Dads love the room and off-road capabilities. Busy families who don't have the time or money to constantly trade off vehicles with each other love SUVs. Though most people need some time to get used to the larger wheel base and extra effort it might take to maneuver into tight spaces, the positive attributes of the SUV in all its makes and models more than makes up for those drawbacks.

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