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Know More About SBA Finance & Apartment Loans

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are the finances that are offered to the people who plan to establish their small scale business. Several loan programs are available as far as the SBA loans are concerned that include real estate purchase funds, and also for purchasing machineries, equipments, inventory or working capitals, etc. All these tools are required to run a business and hence the SBA funds are provided for these purposes. The apartment loans are also similar to the SBA finance as they allow buying an apartment and renting it to the tenants and making significant profit. Both of them provide for varied features to enable them enjoy regular income.

The apartment loans are given to the property management firms that manage the apartments properly and rent them to the tenants who pay for the flats monthly. This monthly payment helps the companies to repay their loan amount by paying installment and thereby enable them to earn profuse profit. In order to obtain the SBA loans, one needs to take into account some of the most essential factors that could influence the lender approve your finance to help you establish and flourish your business. This is the type of finance that can also be obtained for home based businesses.

The apartment loans can be obtained by the property management companies just by following three steps that include the down payment, a satisfactory credit rating and a solid business plan. If the individuals fulfill all the relevant eligibility criteria, they will undoubtedly be allowed to avail the apartment funding facilities offered by the financial institutions or the lenders. These are the common factors that also influence the approval decision of SBA finance applications. However, to obtain SBA loans, the property management company needs to have an impressive business plan that could exhibit its capacity to generate the regular cash flows for the repayment of the loans.

Most of the people confuse apartment loans with the mortgages, but you must have a clear cut concept of both the alternatives if you want to obtain either of these finances. Mortgages are the funds obtained for buildings or lands, whereas the apartment finance is for a particular unit or number of units in an apartment building. The next factor that influences one's chance of getting the application for the SBA loans approved is that the borrower must have stake in that particular business. This means that the loan seeker must invest in that business that ultimately assures his seriousness in putting efforts to make it successful in generating significant cash flows.

Having a good credit rating is also important in case of the SBA loans. In fact, the most important fact that the loan seekers must know in this case is that this finance is purely collateral based in which the borrower has to give his asset as his guarantee to repay the amount. In addition, several other terms, conditions and factors exist that are required to be determined if you seriously want your SBA or apartment loans to be approved.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Accounts Receivable Factoring as a Solution to Increase Cash Flow

At certain times in your business cycle, whether you are a start-up business or a well-established veteran, cash flow is critical. Whether times or tough, or business is booming, cash flow challenges can cause unwanted stress and limit your growth potential.

Everyone knows the magic equation for a financial success: spend less, make more. Or, limit your expenses and increase your income. There are a hundred tips for saving money, and perhaps even more for making it, but when it comes to cash flow, you can really make an impact by turning your focus to your accounting department. There are two key principles to follow. In accounts payable: Keep your cash. In accounts receivable: Get your income as soon as possible.

Keep your cash. When it comes to limiting expenses we must turn to accounts payable. There is absolutely no need to pay any bill before it's due. Do not pay it early, do not pay it late. It's so simple, it bears repeating: Pay your bills only when they are due. When in cash crunch, keep that money in your pocket as long as you can.

Get your income as soon as possible. The second half of the equationincrease your incomemay leave you thinking, easier said than done. Some might think a quick fix for cash would be to take out a loan. Unfortunately, not everyone has this option, nor is it always good business decision. Besides, if you get down to it, this is not really your income, just someone else's money. The focus should be on the income you currently are earning and how to collect it faster. Here we turn to the accounts receivable department.

Your existing receivables are really assets that possess cash value. Rather than simply waiting to get paid, there is an option to reap immediate benefits from outstanding invoices: accounts receivable factoring, or invoice factoring. You can sell your accounts receivable (one or all of your invoices) at a discount to a third party financial institution called a factor. You then immediately collect cash on that transaction. The factor is then is responsible for collecting on the invoice. (Eventually, they will collect the full amount.)
This is different than a bank loan in a few ways.

Factoring involves three parties (seller, buyer, and factor) instead of just two. Also, the factor is not providing a loan but is actually purchasing an asset. The most important distinction is this: in order for a bank to offer a loan to your business, you must have good credit; conversely, in order for a factor to buy an asset from you, they consider the credit-worthiness of the buyer, your customer (the person who owes you money). This is critical because it means that regardless of the credit standing of your business, factoring is an option for you to obtain cash.

Accounts receivable factoring is a perfect solution for anyone unwilling or unable to take out a loan. Arguably, it's an ideal solution for any business looking for immediate cash flow. A small start-up company with not enough credit is constantly in need of cash for growth and expansion. An established firm may need a little boost to get through a tough time, or because they too are expanding.

When cash flow is critical, turn your attention to the accounting department to provide the solution. Spend less by holding on to your existing cash as long as you can, and make more with invoice factoring services. The combination of the two will result in cash flow freedom for your business.

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Fandango - Iphone App Review

Fandango (Free)

REVIEW- Buying tickets on your computer is so last year!

There are so many free apps that show you what movies are playing in theatres and where and when you can go to see them in your town. But what about apps that let you buy your tickets before you go? That's right, with this entry into the app store, Fandango puts the ability to buy movie tickets in the palm of your hand, wherever you go.

When you open up Fandango for iPhone, you are greeted with an interface that is probably at least somewhat familiar if you have used one of the many apps for keeping up on movie times and places. At the bottom of the screen are three buttons: Movies, Theaters and My Account. You start on the Movies page. On this page you see all of the movies that are currently playing in theaters. At the top of the screen is a toggle button to switch between that screen and the Coming Soon screen, where you can preview Movies that are on their way to theaters. Clicking on a movie title brings up information on that movie, showtimes, and gives you the option of playing a trailer for that movie.

The next option from the bottom menu is the Theaters button. From here you can see what movies are playing, and at what times for a specific theater. At the top of the screen you will see a toggle switch for All Theaters or Favorites. This allows you to show all of the theaters in your area, or to show a list of your favorite theaters. Adding your own custom favorites is extremely simple. All you have to do is choose a theater by clicking on it, and then click the heart shaped button in the upper right corner. This is an excellent feature that is not found in most programs like this one.

All of those things are cool, but if you're like me, they're just icing on the cake. I was looking at this app as a way to purchase movie tickets directly for my iPhone. I am happy to be able to tell you that the interface for purchasing tickets is incredibly easy and intuitive. There is even an option to save your credit card onto your iPhone so you can skip that step when you go to buy tickets. I would not recommend it though, because if someone were to steal your phone, they might just decide to take a trip to the movies on you! Thankfully there is no way to retrieve the information out of the app at least, so they wouldn't be able to use your credit card for anything else.

The last button doesn't have too much to it. The My Account settings just allows you to set up the current zip code that the app looks for movies in, your credit card information and your account if you have one. It also tracks your purchase history if you have any on another page accessed by touching the toggle switch that appears at the top of the screen.

In summary, this app really offers reduced functionality compared to the features of most apps in this genre, with the exception of ticket purchasing. Unfortunately, because there are relatively few theaters that actually support this feature (only 1 in the Oklahoma City Area) this feature is relatively useless. I love the interface, and it gives you basic, simple information you need to decide on a movie, but the deal-breaker (at least for me) is the fact that the only theater I can buy tickets for is over a 30 minute drive from my house. And so, as much as I want to recommend this app, I cannot until they get a larger movie theater support base.

- David H.
2009, All rights reserved. AppShouter LLC

Payday Loans No Fax: Money, When You Exactly Needs

Sometimes the money shortage in the mid of a month compels the salaried people to look for forward for monetary support from family and friends. You might need in order to get rid of any expensive bill on a credit card or to pay for utilities bills like telephone and electricity. Payday Loans No Fax is a great financial help and free from any type of faxing documents to the lending company.

This fund opportunity is appropriate in urgent financial condition and needy individual can fetch desired funds within 24 hours directly into his bank account. As its title suggests these loans are parts of payday loans and offers you desired funds on the same day without faxing any sort of documents.

Whether you need loan for paying utilities bills like telephone or electricity, organizing a tour, wedding expenses, shopping, or other all expenses can be answered with this loan facility. There is no need of bank statement of the bank to send the lender for approval. All applicant need to borrow funds is to fill an application online with required personal information. This information includes your full name, present residence address, company's information and ID proof of the country.

These loans are basically for short term just for one to four weeks. Fund ranges from 80 to 1500 can be easily availed without any hassle and wasting time. Your repayment on due date is very important as late payment of these loan carries high interest rates and it is quite hard for the salaried people to manage them from their fixed salary.

As these loans are usable just for four week maximum, most of the lenders don't waste their time in checking the credit history and collateral. This financial help is free from collateral pledging so beneficial for tenants and home owner. Anyone who have good repayment ability can easily apply for these credits and by repaying on time can improve the credit status.

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We all know that Chapter 7 is the most common choice when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. But among the many chapters bankruptcy comprises, Chapter 13 is the second favourite. Now with the new law, many more debtors will find themselves filing this claim. And not exactly by choice, but because they will find it impossible to file for Chapter 7 due to the new salary limitations. This and some of the new regulations have caused quite a stir, and already people are choosing side.

But truth be told, no matter what chapter you choose, if you do not qualify for Chapter 7, you will not be able to file for it, and will have to file for the second alternative. Leaving aside the eligibility issue, there are still many who opt for this type of chapter because it offers options no other chapter does.

Here we will discuss those cases in which Chapter 13 is the best alternative for the debtor.

Case #1: You Are A Homeowner

Chapter 13 does carry some major drawbacks individuals are not very inclined to go through: it might take up to five years for this type of claim to be discharged though it usually takes 3, also, the debtor will have to actually pay those debts, they will not be written off instantly like in a Chapter 7 claim. But, on the other hand, this type of bankruptcy tends to have a less harsh effect on personal property as it works more or less like a repayment plan.

If you are a homeowner, I take it that your home is one of the most important things you own, if not the most important. When filing for Chapter 7, the debtor runs the risk of having his home repossessed. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, provided that you are successful in repaying the debt, none of your assets will be in danger. Many homeowners will rather pay back their debt and have the knowledge that their home is safe.

Case #2: You Own Non-Dischargeable Debts

Some types of debts cannot be discharged. If you happen to have many of them (government student loan, alimony debt, tax related debt, etc) and are in need of filing for bankruptcy, it might not be worth it to file for Chapter 7. True, the rest of your debts will be discharged, but the other ones will remain, and you will still have to pay the off. It might be wiser to file for Chapter 13 and work out a repayment plan for them.

Case #3: You Have A Co-Signer On One Of Your Loans

Having a co-signer always boosts loan approval chances, that is why many people resort to friends and family for help. Truth be told, the moment that person signs the contract, they become co-debtors. Provided that you are unable to repay any of your debts and you decide to file for Chapter 7, the debts will be discharged for you, but not for your co-signer. Creditors will quit harassing you, but they will go after co-debtor instead. Chapter 13 filing does not pose a threat to your co-signer. In fact, as long as you keep up with the repayment program, the creditor will not contact that person at all.

Buying Cape Cod Real Estate

Purchasing Cape Cod real estate is a great investment, whether you are purchasing your first home, second home, retirement, or if you are a seasoned investor. Because of the consistent increase in property value, Cape Cod real estate is more than just a wise investment its a way to embrace the whole Cape Cod experience and allow buyers to experience all the things they love about the area on a more permanent basis.

Current real estate reports indicate a buyers market on Cape Cod, as well as the rest of Massachusetts.

Whether it's your first home, a luxury condominium or an executive estate Cape Cod real estate is certainly a wise option, and real estate located in Cape Cod even wiser. It's also a great place for a second home, or even a wonderful place to retire.

South Shore and Cape Cod Real Estate is one of the fastest growing markets in the state. Everything from waterfront property to great vacation homes are selling well. One factor that helps real estate values remain strong is the fact that there is a very limited amount of land available to create a new supply of properties.

Cape Cod's beauty keeps many visitors coming back and many people are taking advantage of a hot housing market to purchase Cape Cod real estate.

Whether they are embracing the lifestyle on a year round basis or simply acting on the dream of purchasing a second home, more and more buyers are learning to appreciate living in Cape Cod as a dream come true.

Another option to keep in mind is the that there are many rentals are available in the area to suit your needs if you're not looking for year round living but require seasonal rental arrangements.

You can easily find the Cape Cod real estate you're looking for online on hundreds of real estate related websites.

Seasonal rentals on Cape Cod are very popular, especially in the summer.

Vacation homes are usually rented at one week intervals, but renting for one month or even the summer can be common. Rental listings are available right on the water or within one of the many quaint villages on Cape Cod.

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12 Month Loans: A Piece Of Cake For The Common Man

There are a lot of people out there who do not find the loan time period suitable to their monetary needs. Short term cash advances by loan lenders may not be what they had been looking for. But the fact that these loans are instant makes them reluctantly choose the loans. But now the reluctance can be warded off with the availability in the financial market of such loans as 12 month loans.

These loans are available without the much time consuming loans that banks may advance. Nor is the procedure full of complicated proceedings that you may not be able to comprehend. All formalities are narrowed down to one no obligation application form. Standing in a queue to procure this form is not necessary. The reason is simple. The form that is being mentioned is an online form. This form needs minimum details and so does not require the important details that may be demanded by other loan lenders.

12 month payday loans are cash advances that are evidently to be paid back in a matter of about 12 months. This would involve easy repayment method in the form of evenly distributed installments throughout the year. Clearly this is favorable for those individuals who have urgent cash needs but do not have the time to devote to lengthy loan procedures.

The loan amount so sanctioned can be utilized in various directions and so 12 month loans no credit check is ideal for people who may be looking for suitable cash to start off a new business or even to buy new property. It can also be used to make multiple payments like the ones for credit cards, electricity bills, phone bills and the like. Home improvement and other such renovations can also be taken care of with the sanctioned amount. Payment of previous debt can also be done by the use of such loans.

The interest rate that is charged may be a little higher as compared to other loan types. This may be passable owing to the manifold benefits that ate available through such loans. Also, an online research can help you rope in the best deal with a suitable interest rate. This is so since the lenders provide them at competitive rates.

For those who have an adverse credit rating, the loan sanction is as much a piece of cake as is for the good creditors. There are essentially no credit checks and so are favorable for the bad creditors. Non property owners can also benefit from such loans as they are not able to provide collateral to lenders against the loan amount. But with 12 month installment loans they are free to apply and expect a good chance of a loan sanction.

Apply and lose yourself to a world free of monetary issues.

Don't Leave Cash Advance and Credit Card Debt To Your Heirs

Ever worry about what happens to your debt after you pass away? I'm sure it is not on the list of stresses when seeking out a cash advance or hoping to get another credit card approved. Financial situations are what they are and when trouble arises, most of us do what we can with what is available.

Unless a person has a well-developed retirement plan, life after retirement often times increases the amount of debt just to cover everyday living expenses.

Problems with some retirement plans:

*There wasn't enough put away.

*No plan was ever made.

*Inflation was never considered.

*Didn't account for extended lifespan

*Medical costs were greater than expected.What does a retiree do with debt? Efforts are made to pay down the debt do help, but too many people in retirement are obtaining additional debt instead. Credit cards or cash advance loans usage to help pay for everyday living expenses and/or emergency payment cancel out efforts to rid debt.

What measures can be taken in order to prevent debt from haunting heirs? One of the most difficult aspects of debt is admitting to yourself the total amount owed. The next step is to admit to your heirs what kind of debt you will be leaving behind. Whether there will be an estate left behind or not, sharing the financial information will help your heirs prepare for what might be to come. You don't need to disclose everything to everyone all at once; it still is your private life. Keep passwords and account numbers to yourself until disclosure is appropriate and necessary.

If you have a home to leave and there is still debt attached to it, you may want to purchase insurance to help your heirs take care of the debt. The outstanding balance on a loan for any asset will be transferred to the person who inherits it. Without the insurance money, this loan asset will need to be sold and the debt paid off or the person will need to transfer the debt to their name.

Creditors will try to get their claws on any bank money. Insurance money is usually exempt from their taking. Some states which allow this money to be used to pay debts often times have set limits on how much can be taken.

When filling out your will, name a person as the beneficiary not the estate. Estates fall into the hands of the probate courts which may distribute money and/or assets to creditors. If you want to leave accounts or property, leave it to the individual's name.

If life insurance is too expensive due to age or illness, consider loan protection insurance. This money targets loans like credit card balances, auto loans and even a mortgage. It is a more affordable option for those looking to cover the specific debts.

If you can, start paying down debt. Keep from making new debt. Limit credit cards and cash advance use. The less debt you leave an heir the better. Your heirs will only be responsible for the debt if their name is on the account. Joint accounts or guarantors on a loan would make them responsible for the balance once you are gone.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Basics of the Various Types of Mortgage Loans

Now that you have decided to purchase a property in Bellingham real estate, you need to be aware of a lot of things about the process of home buying, including the various types of mortgage loans available. Obviously, not all of them are the same and you need to take each of these loans into consideration so you will know what would be best for you. This can be a bit tricky, especially if it's your first time. The different kinds of mortgage loan programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage or ARM - The rate of interest of this type of mortgage loan normally rises and falls; it can move up or down every year, every six months, every month, or it might even remain unchanging for some period of time and then alters again.

2. Mortgage Buy Downs - Those borrowers who like it better to pay a lower rate of interest in the beginning usually choose this kind of mortgage loan program. In mortgage buy downs, the rate of interest is lowered since costs are paid to have the rate reduced. This is why it is called a buy down. Anyone could purchase the interest rate down for the borrower: it can be the lender, the seller, or the buyer.

3. Streamlined-K Mortgage Loans - This is a type of program by the Federal Housing Administration or FHA. It lends money to borrowers so that they can repair a house by moving the money into a single mortgage loan. The limit of the amount for repair work is smaller in this loan; however, the benefit of this program is that it only calls for less paperwork and also, it is much easier to get this compared to other mortgage loans.

4. Swing / Bridge Loan - This type of mortgage loan program is utilized when a seller has to put a house up for sale and desires to borrow equity so that he can buy another home, but the property for sale has not been sold yet. The existing home of the seller is used as refuge for a swing loan, which can also be referred to as a bridge loan.

5. Equity Mortgage Loan - Generally, a borrower acquires this type of mortgage loan to obtain cash. These loans may be fixed, adjustable, or a credit line in which money can be drawn when necessary.

6. Reverse Mortgage Loans - Individuals who can be eligible for a reverse mortgage loan are those people who are 62 years old and above and has sufficient equity. As the name implies, this loan works in reverse; instead of paying the lender every month, the lender makes payments to the borrower every month for as long as the latter lives in the home. The rate of interest in this kind of mortgage loan can either be fixed or adjustable.

A lot of various types of mortgage loan programs exist these days. For this reason, it is very important to take each loan into consideration before you make any decision about this matter. It's advisable to get help from your real estate lawyer or agent so that problems can be avoided, or if not, everyone will be prepared. It's wise to make sure that everything's alright when purchasing a property from Bellingham homes for sale.

Real Estate Construction | How To Lay Brick

People often have a misconception that brick laying is an easy task. There are some inexperienced bricklayers who claim to create beautiful and uniform wall only to find that their efforts have given rise to a faulty shifting wall which will quickly become a pile of rubble. Bricklaying is an art and a serious profession that requires study and foresight.

A brick consists of three parts: the face or the front, the top or the bottom and the ends. Depending upon how you plan to use the bricks, each of these three parts can be laid in two positions. The pattern in which the bricks are laid is called Bond. There are different types of bonds such as running bond, header bond and Flemish bond.

Lets us look at the running bond also known as half bond. This is the most commonly used brick patterns because it is easy to lay. In this type of pattern the stretcher bricks are set in rows which are offset by half a brick and each row of bricks is known as course. When undertaking a project to lay bricks it is important at ascertain the number of bricks that you will need to complete the project and minimize waste. To calculate the number of bricks that you will need you will have to calculate the area of the project that you are building. That area you then multiply by seven, because there are 7 bricks in one square foot of area. This will give you the total number of bricks that you will need to complete your project.

Once you ascertain the number of bricks you will need it is time to look at other materials that you will need to complete the project. One of the key ingredients in the bricklaying process is the mortar. It is a mixture of masonry cement, fine mason sand and water. You will also need other tools such as bricklaying trowe, pointing trowel, mason's modular spacing rule, brick hammer, mason's braided nylon line, all-purpose masonry brush, combination wire brush and scraper, wheelbarrow and mortar pans or mortarboards among other items.

It is important to get the mortar and the water mixture perfect because if the mortar is very dry it will not spread, while on the other hand if it contains more water and is too wet, it will run and will not grip its shape properly on the trowel. When you are ready to spread the mortar, hold the trowel by its handle in such a way that your thumb is on the top. Work it through the mortar and develop a feel by trying to pick up the mortar with the side and the heel of the trowel.

Pick the brick in one hand and a trowel full of mortar in the other hand. Apply the mortar by snapping it off the trowel. Do this two or three time and each time moving ahead and overlapping each snap of mortar. Spread the mortar to make it uniform in thickness. Once you have prepared the bed for laying the bricks you must put the mortar on the head of the brick to make a head joint. The mortar must be neatly applied and must be smooth and compact enough to hold on to the mortar joint. Take the first brick and apply enough mortar to lay it down. Lay the brick and gently tap with the heel of the trowel. Remove the excess mud with the blade of the trowel and put it back into the mortar pan. Place the spirit lever on top of the brick and make it level, lengthwise, by gently tapping on it. Check the eight using the modular rule and tap it down if it is too high. Repeat the same process for the last brick. Range the two end brick with a nylon line. Once the range is established and the first and the last bricks laid, the rest of the bricks are just sitting as dry layout. Lay the first unlaid brick, keep it in your hand and get enough mud on the trowel. Make a mortar joint, the head joint, and keep the top surface of the brick even with the nylon line. Continue with this till you lay the last brick in the course called the closure. Continue to lay the second course for following the same procedure, only this time shifting half a brick ahead or behind to create the running bond.

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How Much Money Is Spent On The Game, Users Of Social Networks

Browser Game manages computer genius dearly: he decided to become president of Russia and the virtual spent on the presidential campaign this impressive sum.

The history of the largest virtual world game - World of WarCraft: Sword superpowers son of a wealthy Muscovite purchased for 10 thousand dollars. In this way, many gamers and earn prosizhivaya day at the computer to get the artifact "honest" way, and then sell it to rich impatient player. Particularly active this business mastered in China, where human time is not so expensive. And it is time - the main product in the virtual games.

Game developers have caught the trend, and specially created virtual weapon and a virtual real estate that can not be purchased without having to pay for it is not real money. Little by little, become a virtual game of this industry. Industry, which has already earned, even in Russia.

Foreign experience

Was recently published report Digital Goods Report 2010, compiled by members of the marketing agency VGMarket and development company solutions for the monetization of social networking PlaySpan. It says that about 64% of virtual games make at least one purchase per month. About 9% of the players makes them every day. In total, the study was interviewed 2,221 respondents aged 13-64 years. The survey was conducted in the U.S. and showed that the average American spends on online games 23.7 hours per week. Some have brought this figure up to 50 hours, that is, play more than work.

But a true oasis for the development of online games have become social networks - since Facebook opened up its code to developers in 2007. Average user games in Facebook now spends on them about 50 dollars a year.

Events in this market develop now rapidly: Google, according to some sources, has invested $ 200 million in the largest developer of online games Zynga, Disney bought the company Playdom for $ 763 million (or even earlier - the largest children's online game Club Penguin - for $ 700 million) and the world's largest game publisher Electronic Arts has invested 275 million in the second-largest developer of social games - Playfish.

Yahoo has already signed an agreement with Zynga that will enjoy their gaming services. Only in the first half of 2010, this developer has received proceeds of $ 350 million and in 2011 expects to receive 1 billion revenue. Incidentally, this is exactly Zynga made "farm" of the game the most money in the direction of modern social networks, although they have come up in China.

Most of the average user spends on the game in Facebook ($ 50 per year), less - to turn-MMO (40), the same amount - small fans to buy "casual games".

For comparison: the average player of traditional PC-gaming spending on them only $ 37 a year, and a fan of consoles and even less - $ 20. Women spend more: $ 55 on average, compared with 30 - for men.

In the world of online games played by some 200 million people, and this number is growing rapidly. In total, these people spend to participate in them in 2009 about $ 3 billion

Main, winning in the market model of monetization of social games - shareware. That means you can play them for free but to gain additional opportunities to accelerate processes, etc. - is paying real money.

Most often, the real money is spent on virtual currency, for which buys weapons, ammunition or pigs for the farm - a perfectly normal and sometimes necessary thing.

Russian Virtual

The Russian market of online gaming has grown and is growing without regard to the crisis: an increase in 2009 was 70% compared to 2008. The main directions of growth in the gaming industry: games for social networks and client-side game. Growth gradually slows down browser-based games.

Daily Russian army of gamers in the opinion of experts broke the bar in 4 million.

The fact that the business of selling virtual goods in games in earnest and will work in Russia has proved a Russian company i-Jet Media, the success of which "Chaskor" already written. The company has adapted the Chinese game to Russia, and released "Happy Farmer" to graze on open spaces facebook. In the first year of real revenues of $ 20 million, half goes to the very social network, the rest is divided with a Russian publisher kitayvskim partner.

The fact that the market is large, and growing, evidenced by a fresh scandal: social networks "My World" and "Classmates" refused to cooperate with the game developer Game Insight. The reason - use in games Game Insight software code that is copied from the products Mail.Ru. We are talking about the games "secret society" and "Miracle Farm." Program codes are identical to those used in games, once purchased, the company Astrum. "Classmates" opposed in solidarity. "This decision does not affect our further cooperation with other developers: we are ready to support and promote fair created applications, and hope for a counter-understanding on your part," - said in a statement. Why steal the code - if it actually took place - it is easy to guess: the market is developing rapidly, and soon it will have little room for new entrants, but because everyone is trying to catch as quickly as possible.

On average, real money games in the Russian social networks pay about 10% of active players. "Average ticket" from one such player, which is oriented company i-Jet Media, as reported by "Chaskoru" her partner, Alex Kostarev: "about 100 rubles. And we no longer need. "

The producer company Playnatic Entertainment Ruslan Shelekhov "average check on a player who pays (eg - about a tenth of the total) - depends on the type of game. In the client gaming - Russian player spends an average of $ 50 and sotssetevyh - about $ 6.

Half a billion pounds

Incidentally, the British newspaper The Sun earlier this year conducted a similar study. It is estimated that to non-existent virtual goods inhabitants UK alone spent 500 million pounds a year - is an order of magnitude greater than in Russia. Moreover, the British took into account not only the money from the games, but also from the sale of ordinary "gifts" in social networks. The average purchase is 20 pounds.

A simple example: Playdom - portal, engaging in such online trading, sold pictures of pink Volkswagen Beetle car for a total of 123 thousand pounds just for the day of the day. Only for the purchase of weapons for World of WarCraft only Brits are spending 2 million pounds each month. Among the users of games from Zynga has 56 million people who were doing them a virtual shopping. And that's good - the material needs of people worried about running out.

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Speedy Payday Loans - For Instant Approval

Many people face financial emergencies at times in their life. Such emergencies call for instant cash necessities. If you are one of those people who face such problems, then speedy payday loans is your first step to overcome these problems.

The advance amount sanctioned through this credit ranges from 80 to 1500 which is sufficient for some urgent work. For this, the repayment period ranges from 1 to 30 days.

The advantages on this type of advance are as follows:

Your assets do not have to be placed as security.
People with bad credit history can also apply for this form as there is no credit check involved.
There is no hassle in terms of paper work.
These advances are available online.
The repayment period can be extended in some cases.

There are certain disadvantages on opting for this advance. They are:

The rate of interest charged on these advances is relatively higher.
On extension of the repayment period, lenders charge an extra fee apart from the interest.
In case of late payments, the lender is free to take legal action against the borrower which further depreciates the applicants credit score.

The eligibility criteria:

He/she has to be a permanent legal citizen of UK.
He/she should be above 18 years of age.
He/she must have a regular job in a reputed company.
He/she should possess a valid bank account.

You can avail to the online procedure as well. All the borrower has to do is fill the application form with the correct details in it like your name, address, contact number, your personal details and so on.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things To Consider When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

There are some things you want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a real estate agent or broker to sell your home. While you may have a better chance of getting exposure for your home, you need to remember that it is in your best interest to screen and research any professional you want to put in charge of this process before you commit to anything.

Keep in mind that the way a real estate agent makes money is by expanding his client base and selling homes. Each open house they host is a very lucrative opportunity for them to make a deal, and not necessarily with your home. While there is nothing wrong with them using your open house as an opportunity to gain more clients, a good agent will actually showcasing your home and accentuating its selling points. You can't control the types of potential buyers that show up to the viewing of your home, and it's not uncommon to end up with people who are not really interested in your home and are only seeking information to sell their own property. Keep in mind that you can't judge a book by its cover. The same goes with potential buyers. You can't look at a person or couple and know what they are looking for or what they can afford. A good agent will treat every potential buyer with courtesy and do their best to present your home as one of the top properties in the area.

Just because you want to use a particular real estate agent doesn't mean that you have to be willing to pay the price they are asking for their services. The real estate industry is so competitive that there are some ways you can use it to your advantage. If you are skilled in the art of negotiations, you may want to try and talk down the agent on their fees. While you may be in need of their guidance, they also recognize that you can easily go elsewhere and get a better rate. Negotiate your broker fees and you can end up saving some money and getting the best advice and guidance for your situation.

Don't assume that there is no one interested in your home. Legally any real estate agent or broker you use is required to tell you if there have been any offers towards your home. Some agents may omit to tell you about any offers that have come in that seem too low to them. If you have taken the time to choose a trustworthy agent, then chances are you will hear about every offer that comes in. Keep in mind that agents make their money off of how much your property sells for. The more they can get for your home, the bigger their commission check will be. Make sure you are kept in the loop and properly informed of every offer regardless of how high or low it may seem. Even though you are using an agent, you still have the final say about how and when your home sells.

Marine Surveys - What To Expect

What is a marine survey?

A marine survey, in its simplest form, is an appraisal and inspection similar to that performed on real estate or other items.

For starters, if you are dealing with a reputable Yacht Broker such as me, he will guide you through the process. I know several marine surveyors that I will recommend as I've had experience with them in the past and I know their capabilities. I will not choose one for you however, as I don't want any suggestion of a conflict of interest.

There are several types of surveys but for the buyer, the Pre-Purchase Survey is the one you will want. It will be the most comprehensive type of inspection, and is usually requested by lenders and insurance companies when purchasing a used vessel. Condition and overall operation of the vessel will be examined. The value of the yacht will also be estimated by the surveyor.

A thorough inspection will not be rushed and will depend on the type of survey required based on vessel size, equipment and on-board systems. There may be additional services available such as engine surveys, oil analysis, galvanic and stray current corrosion testing, ultrasonic testing, moisture testing and other non-destructive tests. There may be additional charges for these and other services.

Well conducted surveys can provide good information on the vessels' condition, but they are not guarantees. The surveyor reports the condition in accessible areas only as it exists at the time of inspection.

Do I really need a marine survey?

If you are intending to invest several thousand of your hard-earned dollars in purchasing a boat, a marine survey may be the least expensive and most valuable tool you have to assist you in that purchase. A boat operator who knows the condition of his vessel is better prepared to handle adversity than one who isn't. The marine surveyor you hire to inspect the boat should have the knowledge and expertise to determine if it has been properly maintained and in safe condition. A prudent buyer should make his final acceptance of the boat subject to the findings of a marine surveyor.

Why should you have a vessel surveyed?

Most insurance companies and banks will require them on older vessels. They will need to know her condition and fair market value in order to finance and/or underwrite the vessel. Knowing her condition and fair market value before you purchase is also important. However, the most important reason to survey your vessel is for the safety of the passengers

Pre-purchase survey

This covers structural integrity, electrical systems, the propulsion system, the fuel system, other machinery, navigation equipment, miscellaneous on-board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics, and overall maintenance as well as an out-of-water inspection and a sea trial

Insurance survey

This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. They are interested in structural integrity and safety for its intended use. Most insurance companies require a survey on older boats. They will also want to know the vessel's fair market value.

Appraisal inspection

This inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel. This is normally needed for financing, estate settlements, donations and legal cases

What to expect during the survey

We typically perform the survey in conjunction with the sea trial.

The surveyor will meet you, the buyer, at the boat early in the day. The owner is usually there as well as the Broker. He will begin with an overall inspection of the boat looking for anything obviously different. He will then begin his survey on a specific system of the boat; these include:

Fuel systems,
Water systems,
Cooling and heating systems,
Electrical systems; both AC and DC,
Propulsion system
Waste system,
Navigational system,
and more.

It is usually the engine he will begin with as he will like to examine it before it is started and gets too hot to touch. He will continue addressing each system in no particular order. He'll look at each system's component then turn it on to insure it works; such as lights, cooking equipment, air conditioning, everything. Some nondestructive testing such as sounding the laminate with a hammer, or testing with a moisture meter may be included.

And it's OK to talk to your surveyor and ask him what he is finding, just don't hover over him and get in his way.

Later in the morning we'll need to take the boat to a nearby yard to haul the boat out of the water to allow the surveyor to look at the bottom. This is when we perform the sea trial as well. You now get to operate the boat to make sure you like how she handles. The owner is on board to assist us.

Afterwards we lift the boat out of the water for about an hour and your surveyor checks the running gear, through hulls and hull for any damage or other problems.

After we are done with the bottom, the boat is placed back into the water and we will continue with the sea trial. Again you can operate the boat as much as you like. The surveyor will also take the helm to feel the boat and check her steering and performance. He'll also go below to check the engine while underway.

So by later in the afternoon, your surveyor has inspected the entire boat; he has either inspected or operated everything to his satisfaction so he can give you an objective opinion as what he thinks of your chosen boat. You'll know before the day is over if you have a keeper.
Oh, and by the way, it is customary to pay the surveyor on the day of the survey.

What should I expect in a marine survey report?

You are hiring the marine surveyor for his or her objective opinion of the condition of the boat and its value. You may not agree with their final findings in either regard, but you have benefited from their professional opinion.

The survey report will cover the areas inspected and include recommendations regarding problem areas. It will also include a current market value and/or replacement value estimate.

The marine survey provides a complete report on the subject vessel, and references complete identification of the boat (including year, make, model, hull identification numbers, and engine information and so on). The report also gives detailed information about the vessel including description of the superstructure and hull, fittings and equipment, electronics and safety equipment, electronics, galley, engines, electrical system, firefighting equipment, and fuel systems.

You should be aware of the guidelines a marine surveyor uses for his comparisons, such as: "The mandatory standards promulgated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), under the authority of Title 46 United States Code (USC); Title 33 and Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and the voluntary Standards and Recommended Practices developed by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have been used as guidelines in the conducting of this survey. "

This tells you the exact information the marine surveyor used as a baseline for his comments and recommendations.

Also be sure you understand how the marine surveyor determined the market value and/or replacement value for the boat and what those values mean.

Bin Checker - Your Tool To Reduce Credit Card Fraud

The long numbers that appear on debit or credit cards are very useful. They first of all identify the institution and then the account holder. Until of course an all knowing thief enters a company database and steals your customers' personal information.

Most of the time customers will present cards to you for payment of transactions. You will most likely swipe the card through your card reading machine to see whether it is valid. This is usually done by checking whether the card's transactions are acceptable.

There are a number of companies who have tried to set up a database of Bank Identification Numbers to help suppliers. By providing this database, companies can be able to verify cards that are presented to them. You should consider installing one for your company to reduce any losses that might occur. One of these companies is Bin Checkers with a huge database therefore making things easy for you.

With Bin checkers database, you will have access to over 130,000 verified numbers and thus reduce the need to check card by card. Bin Checkers updates this database daily so it is reliable every day. Cash transactions are more or less extinct nowadays and cards are used everywhere from the pharmacy to the supermarket. These are all companies vulnerable to fraud, this is why they require a database like the Bin Checker database to protect them. When you visit Bin Checker Online, you will be able to see other added benefits of having Bin Checkers on your system.

Most customers use American express cards to pay for their purchases and it would be a good idea to choose Bin Checker for American Express for this purpose. Credit card companies limit the percentage of charge backs a company can have, failure to which you will be blacklisted. By use of credit card Bin checker or Bank Bin Checker, you can reduce this. Identification numbers on cards can be used to view the transaction history of a card. With a Bin Checker database you will be able to access which cards have been flagged for fraudulent activity.

If you are a store and offer your customers incentives like gift cards so they can shop at your store, you should also be on alert. Cards are usually paid for way in advance and if the numbers have been stolen, the intended user will not use it. With a Bin Checker program, you will be able to have this information on time. So when the stolen number is presented, you will be able to decline it based on information.

We have also improved our database to offer details of specific cards. We have Bin Checkers for American express and Bin Checkers MasterCard. If most of your customers are covered by either company, it will make the process faster. American express have different subtypes for its cards, and with a Bin Checkers database, you can be able to realize fraud. You can do this by detecting if a benefit for one card is being used on another.

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Selling Cars And Basic Car Salesman Tips

Sometimes you will see an experienced veteran car salesman hit a sales slump that they just can't shake or a new car salesman hit a slump and they don't know why. When the new salesman came out of their car sales training they followed their training instructions to the letter and started making car deals right and left. Same thing with the veteran, they have been selling cars for years.

Both the new car salesman and the car sales veteran from time to time will find themselves in a car sales slump. They start getting bored with the same routine they start to think that they can shortcut the steps of their auto sales training and save some time. They are choosing the fresh ups they take by looking and sizing up their customers. Their sales start slipping and their closing ratios are taking a nose dive. It is often called getting to smart for their own good. Instead of following the lessons of their training and prior experience they are changing the selling system. There are 3 car salesman tips below that need to be followed in order to build a good foundation to sell cars.

#1 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Cherry Picking Ups

The practice of cherry picking is when the car salesman that thinks they can determine the credit status or buying likelihood potential of a customer by looking at them. Then they will decide if they are going to wait on that customer or let another salesman help them. The downside of cherry picking is that customers will often dress down and intentionally try to look less desirable as a defense strategy. They want the salesman to think they that they don't have money or credit so that they won't be pressured. I have seen many sales people miss out on very nice commissions by cherry picking. The moral of this car salesman tip is that you can't pick out the buyers and the lookers by looking at them. The more people you help the more you will sell; it's all about the numbers.

#2 Basic Car Salesman Tip: First Meeting

The basic meet and greet is the first meeting of the car salesman and the potential car buyer and a very critical step to selling cars. You know what they say about first impressions and it's not any different when it comes to being a car salesman. Introducing yourself in a prompt professional manner is the proper thing to do, but I you are dressed poorly or smell like an ashtray you stand a good chance of making a bad first impression. You must look, act, dress and speak like a professional to make a good impression. This and other car salesman tips will get you off to a strong start.

#3 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Vehicle Selection

This car salesman tip may seem obvious, but proper selection is often overlooked by novice car sales people. You will never sell and the buyer will never buy the wrong car at the right price. All car buyers would like to have the top of the line automobile at the price of a base car. When you spend some time talking and determining their needs and you will save yourself a load of grief. If you show your customer the fully loaded model and they can only afford the base model you take a chance of embarrassing them. However if you show them the base model and they can afford more they raise themselves. It is easy to step them up to the nicer models, but very hard and uncomfortable to bring them back down to a model that fits their budget.

When you get in a car sales slump go back and read these very basic, but very important car salesman tips. You need to come off as a professional from the very start and get to know your customer and their needs. Talk to as many potential customers as you can, stick to the basics and your numbers will continue to climb as well as your car sales.

Advance To The Smarter Technology With Samsung Galaxy S2

Being the latest technology smartphone with excellent features, Samsung Galaxy S2 has the technical specifications like dual core processor, 8mega pixel camera with high video resolution, 4.3 inches touch screen and many more advanced applications. The thinnest smartphone has a 2mega pixel front camera with Led flash which supports video calls. Samsung Galaxy S2 has the internal storage of 16GB and 32GB along with the micro SD card slot available. An exciting feature of this mobile phone is that it can provide HD video recording of 1080p with perfect picture quality. With NFC integration and running on user friendly Android platform with long lasting battery, Galaxy S2 is expected to have all the other high end applications which a recent latest technology smartphone could have.

With its stunning applications and exclusive deals, this smartphone is about to rock the UK market. Excellent connectivity options of Samsung Galaxy S2 give you faster web browsing and the user friendly Android OS allows multitasking in a much enjoyable way. Top UK network providers' offers cheap deals like pay monthly, pay as you go and simfree. These deals have excellent benefits like unlimited minutes and texts, free gifts and cash back to offer the consumers. Unlocking the phone can also be done to access the applications of other networks with the help of unlock codes, which you can get along with purchase of the smartphone. People are enthusiastic and are expecting the arrival of this smartphone because of its fantastic features.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S2, most people are about to change their mobile phones. The advanced applications of this smartphone will definitely make the people upgrade to this new technology. Rather than dumping your old mobile phones, you have an option to recycle it. A survey states that about 90 million phones are discarded every year in UK and these electronic wastes are often a hazard to environment. Recycling phones is made much easy with many convenient recycling schemes. When you upgrade to this smarter version of Galaxy S2, recycle your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 for cash.

Many recycling companies offer you enough prices for your old phones. It is better to sell than to keep it in your cup boards. Many websites offer mobile phone recycling online and you have to send your old phones by post. The companies check whether the phone is in working condition or not and pay you the cash. It is thus a simple and useful process to recycle your old mobile phones. Even if your old phones are not in good working condition, it is possible to sell the parts to manufacturers for a lower price. Compare for best price to recycle your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 in and find the best possible deal to sell your old Samsung phones.

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Get Your Girlfriend Back - Keeping and Holding on to Your Girlfriend Once You Have Her Back

If you truly love her and are willing to spend time and efforts in getting your ex girlfriend back, all is not lost unless she has decided to move on with another guy.

To give you some great help getting your girlfriend back, I have pulled together one of the most effective strategies. This method is a great way to get a girl to almost instantly change her mind about you. This will give you a better chance of getting your ex girlfriend back.

Normally when a girl breaks up with you, she is claiming that she no longer needs or wants your love any more. However the truth is that most women (and men) always want to be loved, or feel loved. Even girlfriends who have recently rejected you and say that they want more space, or whatever reason they gave you.

This is basic human nature that we like people to like us. So even if a girl has broken up with you, she still wants you to like her. This is a very powerful human emotion we can use to our benefit.

Win Your Girlfriend Back

Firstly if you have been chasing after your ex in the hope to get her back, you need to stop. If you have not been chasing after your ex, then do not start! You have to give your ex girl the cold shoulder. Now I am not talking to go overboard, but stop all contact for the mean time, (unless it is for emergencies of course). Do this for a week or two.

The idea is to invoke a reaction inside a girl's head, were there was constant contact with you two. Then all the sudden, the contact stops and the tables are turned slightly in your favour. Here we are trying to use another powerful emotion, which is curiosity. We want a girl to be wondering why you have not been trying to get in touch with her.

Of course you do not want to do this for to long and let things go of the boil. You need to try and keep the curiosity and flame alive if you to have any chance of getting your ex girlfriend back. The best way to start this initial contact again is with a letter or email. Choose whatever one you are comfortable with. Letters can be more personal but they are a bit old hat these days, so pick and go with that.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Now

In this letter / email you need to start of by apologising if you have done something wrong (like cheating). Do not be to quick to apologise if you have nothing to apologise for. Whether or not you apologise; it is also very important to say that you agree with the break up. Then you can finalise the letter / email by saying that you hope you two can catch up again sometime in the future.

It could also be good to include something unique to your situation and ex-girlfriend. Like good luck with your driving lesson, or something similar. Basically something friendly to show that there are no hard feelings.

Do not make this letter / email to complicated, just apologise, agree with the break up and say you hope to catch up in the future.